Aspiring Female directors workshop

Aspiring Female directors workshop
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Women Through Film is a Ghanaian film production based initiative trying to encourage and facilitate young girls and women to use self-expression, storytelling, fiction, and citizen journalism through filmmaking to raise their voice and create social change. Aspiring Women film directors workshop connects women, their stories, and their causes through film, by conducting a series of interactive activities for young girls and women.

Film can be used as a weapon to counter different types of social problems. Through workshops, seminars, and mentorship sessions, we aim to enhance these skills and give women a platform to display their work on an international forum

It is an initiative to celebrate the success stories, struggles, and achievements of inspiring women from all walks of life. We aim to create an army of vocal, confident, fearless, and economically independent female filmmakers who can tell stories about issues that affect them, using film and other interactive media.

Ladies in Cinema, a long term aiming at increasing the number of women engaging in cinema by inciting them from their youthful age through series of workshops. Film production Workshop is an exceptional chance for emerging Ghanaian Female filmmakers; they will hone their craft, strengthen their skills, and network and mingle with fellow filmmakers and industry insiders.

the guidance Bro.David, the participants will be guided and taught in
developing and realizing their own visions and two short films will be made
during this workshop.

works is programmed within the core of the maiden lacruz Film Festival; so
participants will also have full access to festival events.

is limited to 10 participants.

and regulations
You must be a citizen of Ghana.

must also be least 18 years of age or above

must submit a 3 to 5 pages short screenplay

must send a motivation letter (Min.1000 words) outlining why you would like to

screenplays cannot be previously made films.
Strictly one project per applicant.
You must submit a one page synopsis of your screenplay.

must be fluent in both, written and spoken English.

All materials should be sent at

of Participants

will be selected at the sole discretion of Lacruz film festival Selection

selected Applicants will be contacted.


Lacruz film festival offers many privileges to all participants including a team
of dedicated internationally renowned filmmakers. In return we expect your
cooperation, daily and timely attendance of all the workshops.
Please note: Lacruz film festival reserves the right to remove participants
from the workshop who abuse their participation, who are repeatedly absent, or
who make false statements.

workshop is a full- time lab and you will be required to give your total
dedication for the full 5 days period without exception, failure to do so will
result in you being disqualified and removed from further participation.