DAZED (a Ticket to Hell)

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Hazel finds herself having sex with her perfect crush on her wedding day. After several months of beautiful marriage life, Hazel and Nat (Hazel’s husband) are pregnant and gives birth to Jessy. Two years down the line after Jessy’s birth, Nat begins to have a change in behavior when he asked for a favor from Hazel and she refused. Marriage became a prison for Hazel. Frank pops out of no where to demand for Jessy as his son. Several threat from Frank makes life more difficult for Hazel to live. Keeping as a secret from Nat, Hazel discovers a very deep secret from Nat… Will Frank take advantage of the secret to steal Jessy from them. Will Hazel stand the test of time to keep her child and her Husband? DAZED! (a Ticket to Hell)

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